Rumors suggests that Google is working on a game console.


Google is working on an Android-based console for video games and a smart watch as a direct attack on rival Apple, reports a trusted newspaper.

There are already several Android-based gaming consoles – such as Project Shield and OUYA. Although only Ouya is on the market yet.

An Android game console. That’s what Internet giant Google is currently working on.

At least if you believe the international newspaper the Wall Street Journal, which claims that Google will now build on the huge success, of the operating system Android, which was released back in 2008. Google keeps reportedly close eye on the extremely affordable OUYA to see how much consumer interest in an Android game console.

It’s not just a console, Google plans to make. Also an Android-based smart watch that can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth should be on the road, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The newspaper has spoken to several sources and gained information in Google’s plans, and according to their sources Google is developing products now to come before the competitor Apple. For some time there has namely been rumors that Apple will partly reveal their own game console, as part of an upcoming Apple TV launch, but also throws an intelligent wristwatct.

According to the newspaper’s sources, Google is also working on a new – and cheaper – version of their media center the Nexus Q.

Would you like to use android as the software to a gaming console?


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